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A technical answer - reading comprehension + activities (4 pages)

Reading comprehension, 4 pages. Activities: Text comprehension, matching, gap-filling, vocabulary, expressions, phrasal verbs, suffixes, prefixes, adverbs, writing. 10 different exercises to get full comprehension & to review some grammar topics.

It´s a complete activity for a whole class, planned with the use of an English to English dictionary, and the students build the text comprehension through steps: 1-Silent reading; 2-definitions, matching and gap-filling; 3-Practicing the new-found words in a different context; 4-Questions about the text; 5-Developing grammar topics found in the text; 6-Vocabulary enrichment; 7-Practicing the use of the dictionary; 8-Guided deductions and conclusions about the text; 9-Use of the text given to write an original composition.

This kind of activity normally keeps my students busy & involved for a whole class and they learn a lot. It can be done individually, in pairs or groups. Hope you find it useful!

Type: worksheet, reading
Level: advanced
File: PDF


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